Upcoming Production

Dangerous Corner written by J B Priestly

A group of high-fliers, all part of a transatlantic publishing firm, are enjoying a weekend in the country home of Robert and Freda Caplan. Someone produces a musical cigarette-box that belonged to Robert’s dead brother. A question arises over whether one of the guests could ever have seen it before. Rashly pursuing the point, Robert uncovers a world of lies, theft, and betrayal, spiced with intrigue and passion.

A surprise turn at the end makes the audience think about how major events in our lives can turn around the simplest of decisions – how do we handle the dangerous corner …

The Cast

The cast consists of seven friends and business associates, several of which are married and others may have had romantic attachments. All of them are high-fliers, rich and privileged. The action will be re-set in Illinois, so accents will not be required. The play does not require a fixed range of ages – young and middle-aged adult actors will fit well.

  • Robert Caplan (M)
  • Freda Caplan (F)
  • Betty Whitehouse (F)
  • Gordon Whitehouse (M)
  • Olwen Peel (F)
  • Charles Trevor Stanton (M)
  • Maud Mockridge (F)


Sun Jan 6, 2:00 pm
Mon Jan 7, 7:00 pm

Community UMC
20 Center St
Naperville, 60540

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the play; no prepared material is required. Community Players welcomes first-time auditions – please bring a recent headshot of yourself if this is your first time.

Rehearsal Schedule

We rehearse weekly on Sunday afternoons, and Monday and Wednesday evenings. The play divides into character-specific scenes nicely, so we should be able to work around most availability issues.

Show Dates

Fri Mar 8, 7:30 pm*
Sat Mar 9, 7:30 pm*
Sun Mar 10, 2:30 pm*
Fri Mar 16, 7:30 pm*
Sat Mar 17, 7:30 pm*

[*Times are subject to change]